The future of tap dancing with respect to its past

What we do

Shaping the future of tap dance, with respect to its roots and history.


Tap dance has a deep-rooted history, based on a variety of ethnic, periodical and musical stylings. We feel that it is of the utmost importance that each dancer understands the past, to truly appreciate this art form today, and to help shape the future of tap dancing. Through historical lessons, film screenings, music theory classes, and more, company members are cultivated with the rich history of tap.


While under the directorship of Megan McBride Moore, tap dancers will rehearse 2 times per month on a Saturday afternoon. Company members will also get to train with professional tap dancers and instructors in a private setting. For example, we have had Nico Rubio and Joseph Wiggan set repertoire pieces for us in the past. This exposes our company members to a wide range of professional experience, styles & influences, which helps them to grow as dancers, and be ready & able to lead the next generation of tap dance! 


We want to share our love of this art form with the entire community! Whether performing to support a cause near & dear to our hearts, celebrating dance with our fellow tap community at festivals & events, or bringing tap dance directly to people of all ages, we’re excited to share our passion with the local San Diego area and surrounding communities! 

Featured Performance

San Diego Based Youth Tap Dance Company “Moore Rhythm & Co.” performs LAURA by Dr. Buster Brown at RIFF DALLAS TAPN2TAP SHOW 2020.

Dancers: Ava Brooks, Sarah Bamford, Lauren Hignite, Isaiah Wilson, Colton Hagler, Chandler Picard, Ella Rattray, Hunter Luedde.

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